Classes Using our Book

The following table is a list of classes that use our book as the primary or a recommended text. If you know of a class that’s using our book and is not on our list, please leave us a comment and we will add it

School Course Name URL
George Mason University AIT 673 Cyber Incident Handling/Response
George Mason University ISA 785 Research in Digital Forensics
Eastern Michigan University IA 455 Incident Response
New Mexico State University ET439 Advanced Digital Forensics and Incident Response
New Mexico State University ICT339 Computer Forensics
University of Texas at San Antonio IS 3523 Intrusion Detection and  Incident Response
Temple University MIS 5213 Intrusion Detection and Response
Fordham University CISC 6920 Incident Response and Risk Management…

3 Comments on “Classes Using our Book

  1. I’m using your book for my ET 439 Advanced Digital Forensics and Incident Response, and for our online ICT 339 Computer Forensics Course this coming Spring Semester. I’m even considering breaking it up and using it for both our intro ET 339 and the Advanced so we have more than 1 week to spend per chapter, I’m gonna see how it goes this coming semester first. Very excited about this book, its the closest thing I’ve found to how I’ve been teaching the course, now I don’t have to pull together so many other sources, I can work primarily with this book.


  2. Arkansas Tech University is using your book for our Cybersecurity program, course CSEC 2213 Forensics and Incident Response.

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