Author: Jason

Updated Go Get it on the Web Links

Hi all, just wanted to let folks know we did a scrub of our Go Get it on the Web links. We updated a handful and made a note next to them. There are a few that seem to be

Passed 2000

Hi all, the publisher tells us that we’ve passed 2000 copies sold! It’s great to see that many sales, and it’s also nice to see some 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Chapter 9 PCAPs

Well, in a bit of an embarrassing oversight, we didn’t post the PCAPs associated with the Chapter 9 scenarios on our website! Tad¬†Schlatre brought this to our attention today, and we’ve dug up the PCAPs and added them to the

MIRCon 2014 Signing Event

Hello all, The authors will be attending Mandiant’s MIRCon 2014 ( and we plan to hold a signing event on Tuesday, October 7, from 3-3:30PM. If you plan to be at the conference, please come by and see us.

First Classroom Use Spotted

Today I was Googling to see what kind of exposure we’ve gotten so far, and I found a George Mason University (GMU) class that is planning to use our book this semester: It’s great to see our series make

BlackHat Book Signing

The authors will be doing a book signing today at BlackHat in Las Vegas at 6:15pm at the Mandiant Booth. FireEye Press Release Aug 10 2014 Update – The signing was great, we had a large turnout. 30 free books

In Stock @ Amazon

For anyone looking to order a printed copy of the book, Amazon seems to have it in stock and available to ship today!

Got a package today…

So, today¬†we received our complimentary copies of IR3E! Now it really feels like it’s done! Hope this means it’s coming to stores soon.

IR3E is on it’s way!

After over two years of effort, the Incident Response and Computer Forensics, Third Edition (IR3E), book is almost on the shelves! Rumor has it that physical books exist and are being pushed through warehouses now. That means availability in about