First Classroom Use Spotted

Today I was Googling to see what kind of exposure we’ve gotten so far, and I found a George Mason University (GMU) class that is planning to use our book this semester:

It’s great to see our series make it back into the classroom! The second edition got so old it wasn’t really appropriate to use any longer.

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  1. I am an Information Assurance major at Eastern Michigan University. My professor, Brad Wilkerson, is using the 3rd edition of your book as the course textbook in our IA 455 Incident Response class. This is the most readable and interesting textbook I’ve had the opportunity to use during my previous 3 years in the program. Thanks to the conversational tone with which you present the material, Incident Response and Computer Forensics, 3rd. ed. will be one of the few textbooks I have read cover-to-cover because I wanted to!

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